July 18, 2012

Double Store Items Glitch!

While i was replaying some islands on poptropica, i went into my store items to find a costume. and i saw this. i have two of each of everything from the poptropica store! this glitch is weird because, as far as i know, it is impossible to own more than one of the same store item. so far, i am the only one with this glitch, but i will be experimenting with my backup characters to see how this glitch appeared. now, at first i thought this glitch was minor and didn't really make any problems. but actually, it creates a huge problem! right now, you can only have 26 pages of store items. as you can see in the picture, i now have 26 pages because of double the items. if i had 13 pages of items originally ( as calculated by lazy flyer, the math genius ), i would still have all my items. but, i originally had 16 pages, so three pages of items i cannot access! i can arrange them alphabetically to access some of my newer items, but three pages will still be left out. poptropica has had alot of problems lately, and i really hope they fix this so that i can access my items! update: this glitch is now fixed. yay! from my experimenting, only some of my other characters had this glitch. my theory is that this glitch appeared because of poptropica releasing Wimpy Boardwalk to non-members. they probably messed something up while making the updates. now i can view all my items again. :D


  1. Thats so Ironic! That same glitch just happened to me! I was hoping that they didn't charge me,!

  2. I've had that happen before.