July 13, 2012

Next Poptropica Island: Lunar Colony!

Poptropica has just announced the next island: Lunar Colony! i knew it! with so many mentions of the moon in the daily pop, it wasn't hard to guess that the next island is about launching off to space. again. i am a bit disappointed that we have another space island instead of something completely new, but it still looks fun. anyways, there isn't much known about the island right now, so we don't have the release date yet. it looks like you have to travel to the moon and... well, I'm not sure what happens next. maybe you need to start a colony, or help one? as always, it will be a long wait for the island ( and an even longer wait for non-members :( ), but in the meantime, keep your eye out for sneak peeks. also, make sure to play poptropica's newest island, Wimpy Boardwalk! also, you can view the trailer for Lunar Colony above.

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