July 31, 2012

Poptropican Reviews: Lunar Colony Members Pack!

Poptropica has released the members pack for lunar colony! this pack includes: the Alien Archaeology power, the Zaggy Moondust costume, and Moon Rock power. my personal favorite, alien archaeology power, is pictured in the upper left corner of the picture to the left.as you can see, when you activate this power from your backpack, a huge rock comes out of the ground. the rock is glowing purple and has weird ( probably alien ) symbols on it. i like this power because, well, who doesn't like giant purple rocks coming out of the ground?! and, it provides a nice statue for pewter moon. the only thing i don't like is that you activate it straight from your back pack, unlike other items you hold and then activate, which allows you to pick a spot in the ground before it starts growing. but i guess you can't really hold a giant rock. anyways, another item i love is the moon rock power. the moon rock power, when activated, creates a bunch of moon rocks that float around your screen for a short period of time. the thing i like about this is that you can move your character around while the rocks are floating instead of having to just stand there the whole time. i also like that, besides floating, the rocks will bump into each other and sometimes crunch into little pieces.the third, and limited time item, is the "zaggy moondust" costume. i think this costume looks awesome! i love the lightening bolt and the hair and.. well, everything! thank you poptropica for making a limited time outfit that i actually want to buy! now, although this outfit is epic, one question remains: who in the world is zaggy moondust?! my guess? a character from lunar colony, most likely some kind of alien celebrity, considering his or her clothes. there are two zaggy moondust costumes: one a girl, the other a boy. I'm guessing the real zaggy is a boy, but it could be either. over all, i love this members pack and it's probably the best one yet, considering it doesn't have a lame outfit like the poptropilas one. so members, buy it! and quickly because the zaggy moondust costume will not be available forever! and non-members, i really hope that the wait for you guys isn't long because even though i think the items in the members pack are awesome, i hate that it's members only.and i really hope that poptropica will at least release part of the pack to non-members. also, one last update before i end this post. poptropica has released some more info about lunar colony, which you can read by clicking here. See ya in the next post!

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