August 6, 2012

The Return Of Dr. Hare!

As you may know, in the island 24 carrot, you battle an evil bunny-man that's obsessed with carrots. Dr. Hare is probably the most famous character in all of poptropica, since he has his own island, has a mini island, has a toy,  posts on the official poptropica blog, and even has his own travel series with pictures and everything. he also happens to be my absolute favorite character in poptropica. well, okay, maybe next to sprocket but still, he's a pretty awesome character. now, a couple days ago i saw an image ( to the right of the image above ) of a giant carrot farm. also, if you zoom in, the character in the giant carrot farm is holding a Dr. Hare doll! now this got me excited, since, you know, who else would build a giant carrot farm? and then, i saw the latest blog post on the creators blog ( to the left in the image above). it features an epic picture of Dr. Hare with his Rabot and thousands of carrots! i expected Dr. Hare himself to have posted this image, but instead it is posted by Captain Crawfish saying, "Uh oh. This can't be good...". it also says "Guess who's coming back?" and of course, it isn't hard to guess that Dr. Hare is finally returning to poptropica! YAY!!! i am soooo happy that Dr. Hare is coming back to poptropica! i wonder, will he have his own island again, perhaps Dr. Hare island? or will we be meeting him in space on Lunar Colony island?( in case you haven't finished 24 Carrot island, he floats off into space at the end. ) i guess we'll have to find out! for now, keep your eye out for any mentions of Dr. Hare. and, be sure to vote on our newest pool which asks: What do you think of Dr. Hare returning to Poptropica? see ya in the next post!

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  1. Anouncement: whenever i try to add the Dr. Hare poll, it won't save. so that is why our polls are currently down. as soon as blogger fixes this problem, i will put up the poll. -Tiny Stomper