August 21, 2012

Crawfish is back!

Looks like the next returning villain is Captain Crawfish! i think it's pretty much confirmed that all the main villains are returning to poptropica. and, if you put all the images together, you get this! they all fit together in a sort of a puzzle. credit goes to the Poptropica Mysteries blog who figured it out. so, the Captain Crawfish image was, in fact, posted by Crawfish himself. included in the post is a short message saying, "A pirate can't just sit around blogging all day, you know. ". this is very true, considering Captain Crawfish makes almost every post on the creators' blog. anyways, considering each image connects to the next, there should be something to the far right of the Captain Crawfish image. but, all i can see is a slightly rising hill and strange smoke formations... if you notice anything hinting at the next villain, let me know. also, it seems the source of all the smoke is coming from Dr. Hare's rabbot. so, there might be some villains on the other side. my guess is Binary Bard will be the next villain to make a comeback. but for now, we'll just have to wait. and while your waiting, Members can now play Lunar Colony! so be sure to play the latest adventure in poptropica. if your not a member, Lunar Colony will be released to everyone on September sixth. also, be sure to check out Poptropica Mysteries by clicking here. and you can check out Captain Crawfish's blog post by clicking here. See ya in the next post! :D

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