August 13, 2012

Black Widow's Comeback

The black widow is the villain from counterfeit island. she steals art and loves spiders. she is another on of my favorites, and she's coming back to poptropica! to the left is the post on the creators' blog in which they posted the image telling that black widow is making a comeback. the post is made by black widow herself, saying "Now, things get interesting.". they certainly do! because if you saw my last post, Dr. Hare is also returning to poptropica. who else might be coming back? Director D.? Captain Crawfish? Binary Bard? who knows! but, for now we'll have to guess at what will happen next. perhaps a giant island with all the villains? if so, i hope some good guys return too! i will be updating as soon as i hear any more news related to the villains of poptropica. for now, you can check out the official countdown for lunar colony that poptropica has now put on their website! the wait is almost over for members! in the mean time, keep an eye out for villains. see ya in the next post! :D

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