August 23, 2012

Return of the Villains

Well, looks like my guess was right! Binary Bard is the next, and final, villain returning to poptropica. and, not only do we know this, but poptropica has posted the image above on their blog! the post is made by Captain Crawfish, and says: So the secret's out. Four of Poptropica's greatest villains will soon be returning to Poptropica. But why?
Fear not, for we will soon be giving you a hint when we reveal the name of Poptropica's next Island!
 so, the big secret is finally revealed. the four most popular villains in poptropica will be returning along with their own, brand new island. also, if you see the previous post on the poptropica creators' blog, which you can see by clicking here, there is a new villain coming that is erasing all of poptropica! will this new villain team up with the old villains? or will this mysterious villain have it's own island separate from theirs? we're just going to have to wait until the creators announce the new island. but whatever happens, having four villains return to poptropica, plus this new unknown villain, can only mean one thing: trouble. 

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