August 23, 2012

Return of the Villains

Well, looks like my guess was right! Binary Bard is the next, and final, villain returning to poptropica. and, not only do we know this, but poptropica has posted the image above on their blog! the post is made by Captain Crawfish, and says: So the secret's out. Four of Poptropica's greatest villains will soon be returning to Poptropica. But why?
Fear not, for we will soon be giving you a hint when we reveal the name of Poptropica's next Island!
 so, the big secret is finally revealed. the four most popular villains in poptropica will be returning along with their own, brand new island. also, if you see the previous post on the poptropica creators' blog, which you can see by clicking here, there is a new villain coming that is erasing all of poptropica! will this new villain team up with the old villains? or will this mysterious villain have it's own island separate from theirs? we're just going to have to wait until the creators announce the new island. but whatever happens, having four villains return to poptropica, plus this new unknown villain, can only mean one thing: trouble. 

August 21, 2012

Crawfish is back!

Looks like the next returning villain is Captain Crawfish! i think it's pretty much confirmed that all the main villains are returning to poptropica. and, if you put all the images together, you get this! they all fit together in a sort of a puzzle. credit goes to the Poptropica Mysteries blog who figured it out. so, the Captain Crawfish image was, in fact, posted by Crawfish himself. included in the post is a short message saying, "A pirate can't just sit around blogging all day, you know. ". this is very true, considering Captain Crawfish makes almost every post on the creators' blog. anyways, considering each image connects to the next, there should be something to the far right of the Captain Crawfish image. but, all i can see is a slightly rising hill and strange smoke formations... if you notice anything hinting at the next villain, let me know. also, it seems the source of all the smoke is coming from Dr. Hare's rabbot. so, there might be some villains on the other side. my guess is Binary Bard will be the next villain to make a comeback. but for now, we'll just have to wait. and while your waiting, Members can now play Lunar Colony! so be sure to play the latest adventure in poptropica. if your not a member, Lunar Colony will be released to everyone on September sixth. also, be sure to check out Poptropica Mysteries by clicking here. and you can check out Captain Crawfish's blog post by clicking here. See ya in the next post! :D

August 13, 2012

Black Widow's Comeback

The black widow is the villain from counterfeit island. she steals art and loves spiders. she is another on of my favorites, and she's coming back to poptropica! to the left is the post on the creators' blog in which they posted the image telling that black widow is making a comeback. the post is made by black widow herself, saying "Now, things get interesting.". they certainly do! because if you saw my last post, Dr. Hare is also returning to poptropica. who else might be coming back? Director D.? Captain Crawfish? Binary Bard? who knows! but, for now we'll have to guess at what will happen next. perhaps a giant island with all the villains? if so, i hope some good guys return too! i will be updating as soon as i hear any more news related to the villains of poptropica. for now, you can check out the official countdown for lunar colony that poptropica has now put on their website! the wait is almost over for members! in the mean time, keep an eye out for villains. see ya in the next post! :D

August 6, 2012

The Return Of Dr. Hare!

As you may know, in the island 24 carrot, you battle an evil bunny-man that's obsessed with carrots. Dr. Hare is probably the most famous character in all of poptropica, since he has his own island, has a mini island, has a toy,  posts on the official poptropica blog, and even has his own travel series with pictures and everything. he also happens to be my absolute favorite character in poptropica. well, okay, maybe next to sprocket but still, he's a pretty awesome character. now, a couple days ago i saw an image ( to the right of the image above ) of a giant carrot farm. also, if you zoom in, the character in the giant carrot farm is holding a Dr. Hare doll! now this got me excited, since, you know, who else would build a giant carrot farm? and then, i saw the latest blog post on the creators blog ( to the left in the image above). it features an epic picture of Dr. Hare with his Rabot and thousands of carrots! i expected Dr. Hare himself to have posted this image, but instead it is posted by Captain Crawfish saying, "Uh oh. This can't be good...". it also says "Guess who's coming back?" and of course, it isn't hard to guess that Dr. Hare is finally returning to poptropica! YAY!!! i am soooo happy that Dr. Hare is coming back to poptropica! i wonder, will he have his own island again, perhaps Dr. Hare island? or will we be meeting him in space on Lunar Colony island?( in case you haven't finished 24 Carrot island, he floats off into space at the end. ) i guess we'll have to find out! for now, keep your eye out for any mentions of Dr. Hare. and, be sure to vote on our newest pool which asks: What do you think of Dr. Hare returning to Poptropica? see ya in the next post!