May 7, 2012

Poptropican Costumes: The Cat Costume

The Cat Costume
i have finally collected all the pieces of the cat costume in my costume closet! The Cat Costume was hard to find because not many people have all the pieces all at the same time. eventually though, i managed to get the whiskers, mouth, ears, and fuzzy body all together. the tail is from the werewolf costume ( although you can also use the tail from the puppy costume ), and the mouse is from the lion costume. i love the cat costume because i love cats! to get this costume you can add me as a friend ( my user name is rachel9041 ) and customize it from my costume closet. the store items, of course, are not customizable but you can buy them at the poptropica store. i love collecting different outfits and costumes from poptropica and will be posting more soon! 


  1. how did you get the mouth i added you but i couldnt customise the mouth or the tail

  2. how did you get the mouth? it wont let me custimize the mouth for some reason