May 7, 2012

Poptropican Fashions: The Rebel

The Rebel
The Rebel is a fashionable look with a rebellious theme. the cap and jacket are from the Biker Girl costume, the belt and hair are from the Vampire Girl 1 outfit, the mouth is the same if you chew any type of gum and the shirt, pants, and bangs  are regular, customizable items. although this outfit is made up of alot of store items, you don't have to have it exactly like this. there are many different versions. you can have a white jacket or a different black jacket, a white cap ( found on some of the "randomized" characters from early poptropica ) instead of a black cap, straight hair instead of wavy. you can also wear this with a shirt that has large black stripes instead of small ones. this look is more like a trend. you can wear it how you like provided it still fits the theme. again, this outfit is also in my costume closet. as i said in the previous post, you can add me as a friend by adding my username rachel9041 to customize this look from my costume closet ( although store items are not customizable ). try coming up with different versions to see how they look! see you in the next post! :D

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