May 7, 2012

Poptropica FRIENDS!

Ever since i first joined poptropica, i have wanted a way to keep track of my friends. now i can do that!  i am very excited about poptropica friends because there are so many things to do! collect photos and costumes, create your personality, and best of all add friends! as you can see, i am a member and i can collect costumes. i am disappointed for my non member friends that only members can add costumes and view all their photos. i think that this is unfair although i love collecting costumes. i think that it is especially  unfair that they cannot view all their photos because since they earned them they should be able to view them! although poptropica friends isn't perfect, it's still really fun. also, as you can see from the picture, i have added some of the poptropica creators as friends! i found their names by guessing and because a few were posted on the creators' blog and on a few fan sites. if you would like to add them too, here are their user names:

  • Dr. Hare = jordanleary
  • Hazmat Hermit = justinlacy
  • Shark Boy = sharkboycreator
  • Director D = directordcreator1
  • Black Widow = blackwidowcreator
  • Hades = hadescreator1
  • Binary Bard = binarybard
  • Triton = tritoncreator
  • Captain Crawfish = captaincrawfishcreator
i know these are the real creators because their poptropican names really are their names. like black widow's poptropican name really is black widow. i hope everyone has fun adding friends and building a personality. see ya! :D


  1. I am friends with you!

    1. cool! you should add the creators as well. :3

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  3. Wow! Even Fierce Moon didn't have so many names! You should probably add Captain Crawfish.

    1. oops! guess i forgot that one! i'll go edit it now. thx for reminding me!

  4. Hey, also add nednoodleheadcreator, vladthevikingcreator, and thirstywhalecreator!

  5. Hey Tiny Stomper whats your username!?!?