May 20, 2012

Poptropican Costumes: Secret Agent

The Secret Agent Costume
It's been over a week since i last did a poptropican costume, so i made this one. this costume is 100% customizable which means: no buying store items! the items involved with this costume are: a head piece from a multi player room, the hair and bangs from the girl on main street of red dragon island, the suit from the secretary on spy island and the mouth from one of the "randomized" characters from early poptropica. if you don't want to run around all day trying to find all the pieces of this costume, you can customize it from my costume closet on poptropica friends by adding my user name ( rachel9041 ) to your friends list. i love this costume because it looks very professional and agent like. i also love the head piece i stumbled upon in a multi player room. it really completes the look. let me know if you find any unique items like this headpiece around poptropica and tell me where to find it. see ya in the next post! :D