May 8, 2012

Poptropican Costumes: The Katniss Costume

The Katniss Costume
Alot of people love reading the Hunger Games and since the movie came out, the Hunger Games is as popular as ever. so, i decided to put together a Katniss costume. this costume is made up of: the jacket and belt from the Vampire Girl 1 costume, the bow, arrows, and shirt from the robin hood outfit, the hair from Mythology Surfer Girl, and lips, bangs and pants are customizable items. no, the costume is not %100 accurate, but hey it's close. i didn't create this whole outfit. i found the jacket and shirt idea from a comment on poptropica secrets website but i can't remember who's comment it was! so i really don't know who to give credit too... but anyways i know this outfit is made up of mainly store items but there are other braids and jackets to customize on poptropica. i definitely suggest getting the robin hood costume though because of the bow and arrows. if you want to customize this, it is also in my costume closet. my user name is rachel9041 so you can add me to look through my costume closet. remember, store items are not customizable so i suggest either buying them or substituting with something else. let me know if you have any other movie characters ( preferably girls :3 ) that you think i should make a poptropican costume for. see ya! :D


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    1. oh were you the one that commented on poptropica secrets? i might have gotten part of the idea from you cuz i still can't remember who i got the idea from...

  2. that was definetly my idea so your welcome

    1. thanks for the idea then! :3 btw i love ur blog

  3. I love this outfit! I like the idea!