May 10, 2012

Poptropican Fashions: The Godess

The Goddess
I have created yet another poptropican fashion. this one is called The Goddess. this outfit is 100% customizable. the items involved can be found around mythology island but the hair is just from other players in a multi player room. to be more precise on where to find the items from mythology island, the head piece is from the girl wearing the purple dress in Herc's Hero Hut, the lips are from one of the girls on main street, and the dress is from Athena. as i said before, the hair is from a player i met in the multi player rooms but this outfit is also in my costume closet, so you can customize it from there by adding me ( user name: rachel9041 ). i like this look because it has a beautiful and royal feel to it. of course, you can also wear this in other color schemes. like a blue dress with straight hair or a pink one with a bun. there are lots of different ways to wear this so try coming up with different looks! see ya in the next post! :D

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