May 16, 2012

Space Island?

An image from the Daily Pop
Recently, poptropica has been posting some space related images on the Daily Pop. this one in particular makes me suspect the next island will be called something like "space island". I'm guessing you will have to perform the famous moon landing from 1969 but in poptropican form. but, there is a flaw in this because if this is what the next island is about, it won't be the first time a poptropican goes to the moon. in astro knights island, you have to travel to the moon to get a new rocket ship.but i guess the rocket scientists in poptropica don't know that. i am excited for another chance to travel into poptropican space, especially since it seems we get to be astronauts with suits that have air instead of knights that are somehow breathing on the moon with no oxygen suit. I'll be watching the daily pop closely to see if there are anymore mentions of the moon. see ya in the next post! :D


  1. i think its lunar colony island! plz friend me ur blog it awesome! my username is snowflakcat Again, AWESOME BLOG!!