May 11, 2012

Poptropica Friends Glitch!

the poptropica friends glitch
At about 11:30 AM, i found this glitch on poptropica friends. there is a blank medal back round where there should be personality pieces! poptropica friends has had alot of problems considering they already had to take it down once. i hope they get this fixed soon because i want to see my full profile! also, in the white tab in the lower right corner of the medal back round it says "und" which probably means undefined. also, when you roll over the blank medal back round with your mouse, it says "i completed null." what's null?! weird, right? guess it's just part of the glitch but they really need to fix that. especially for new players who just started poptropica! at least i can still access my photos and closet though! still, they need to fix this so players can get the full experience of poptropica friends. there is only one personality piece showing and that is the one i got today. hopefully, they fix this glitch soon. see ya in the next post! Update: This glitch gets weirder and weirder! i tried viewing my friends' profiles and they worked fine. then i got to a friend who had personality pieces on two different pages ( like me ) and the glitch was on his account too! it looks like this glitch is only for people with two pages that have personality pieces. seeing as you can't delete personality pieces, they need to fix this soon! yes, not everyone has this glitch but they still need to fix this because eventually, players will get more personality pieces and have just as much as us and won't be able to view them at all! please fix this poptropica! Update: 6:30 PM The glitch is fixed! yay! now we can go back to viewing our full profiles! hopefully there won't be any problems with poptropica friends in the future...


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    1. oh yeah... good thing they fixed it though! sorry poptropica, i have not completed null island

  2. I have never heard of Null island before... :D