May 14, 2012

Item review: baby suit

Baby suit gets 2/5 Lazy Flyer stars
I was sorta surprised how... interesting this outfit is. i haven't seen this outfit before until today. I think it looks okay, i guess, but its actions are what makes its Lazy Flyer star count so low. I have seen no actions that are worse than this, at least, don't remember seeing any. I mean, the actions are:
the rattle SLIGHTLY rattling (weird)
crying I mean, REALLY? You can do that in the multiplayer room!
The price is 75 credits! NOT worth it!
So on a scale of 0-5 LF stars, 1- do not even think about getting it! 2- It's really stupid in my opinion, but get it if you believe it isn't, 3- Okay,   I guess, but could be better, so I sorta recommend getting it, 4- Get it it's pretty good or 5-BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!! The baby suit gets a 2. Friend me if you like @ superhero237, and I'll see you in the next post (whenever that is!)


  1. I think this was mainly just to be used as part of Monster Carnival's countdown. First he had a chicken suit, then he added a mask from Time Tangled, and now he has a baby rattle. I think when the chicken suit is gone, Monster Carnival will be online!

  2. Sweet! I have wanted Monster carnival since it was told to come out! I'm excited!