May 8, 2012

Island Review: Twisted Thicket

As you probably know, Twisted Thicket is now out for non members! i thought since everyone can play it, now is the perfect time to write a little review. i have not completed Twisted Thicket on my main character rachel9041 but have completed it on one of my back-up characters. i thought twisted thicket was somewhat hard but at the same time really fun and very original and different from the other islands. it had a magical theme but was also an epic adventure at the same time. i absolutely love this island because it has a balance. some parts of it ( like the Nokken part ) were a little creepy for people who like things that sorta pop out at you. while the elves chasing after you added some excitement. and of course the fairy tale theme set it apart from all other islands on poptropica. i also liked that you got a special necklace that provided different powers after you completed the island, just like mythology island and super power island. i also loved the members pack ( as you can see I've got an awesome Dryad follower ) and thought that the Troll costume was very unique. over all, this mystical island is very exciting and i hope everyone enjoys playing it. see you in the next post! :D

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