May 18, 2012

Poptropolis Games Countdown and Poll Results!

Poptropilas Games Countdown!
On the poptropica home page, the creators have added a countdown for poptropilas games! of course, this shows when it will be available for Members not non-members. i am unhappy that members get early access where as non-members have to wait for a month (usually). but, i am excited for poptropilas games to come out. also, the poptropica creators have been posting about the different tribes in poptropilas on the creators' blog. so, i am updating our poll ( since it has been a week ) to see which tribe you will choose. and as for the last poll, which asked how long you've been in poptropica, here are the results: 80% of you said that you have been in poptropica since the beginning and 20% said a few years. no one has joined fairly recently ( or at least no one said it ) and nobody just joined either. as for the current poll, you can find more information about the tribes of poptropica on the creators' blog which can be found on the poptropica home page. i personally like Seraphim. see ya in the next post! :D


  1. I want either Black Flags or Wild fire cuz they both sound cool, and I'm not a member sadly, but you know whatever!

  2. I am the one who chose black flags in the poll, by the way.

  3. Guys, you'd better get your medallion quickly, it's sinking again