May 10, 2012

Poptropilis Games Members Pack!

Poptropilis Games Members Pack
As you may have noticed, the Poptropilis Games Members Pack is in the poptropica store! the members pack includes: poptropilis discus, wrestling gear, and plant-a-statue power.i had tons of fun with the plant-a-statue power in the multi player rooms. i especially liked that you could choose which statue to plant and the little pigeons that came flying to sit on your statue. the discus was also fun to send flying around the room ( although it gets pretty annoying in multi player rooms since when you throw it, it pauses the game and every one's characters have to stop what they're doing ) and i liked the color choices. the wrestling gear, not so much. i was expecting something more Greek or statue like. instead they gave us this tacky wrestling suit with nothing to show its from poptropilis except for the big "P" on the front. you know, there's a reason why the character wearing it is frowning. but, besides the wrestling suit, this members pack is pretty cool and has great interactive items. I'm still a little sad that this is members only because i know that my non-member friends would love the interactive items. but, i can't really change that it's member exclusive so might as well enjoy it. so members, have fun growing statues and throwing discs! ( and wearing ugly wrestling outfits ) see ya in the next post! :D

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